From Babbling to Bubbling

1 04 2012

There’s something exciting about to happen worldwide and it’s around the corner. This excitement bubbles up within: it’s a great time to exist. Change is emerging everywhere, humanity is moving forward, society has tremendously advanced in science and technology in the last twenty years that we’ve never achieved in centuries and knowledge continues to increase in a short span of time. People communicate with one another as a global community; gone are days where we didn’t know about Russia behind the curtain, or the far away continent of Asia. The internet revolutionized human interaction using the common international language of English. People on the other side of the earth learned about us and we learned about them. Now, where do we go from here? This is the exciting part. We are all fish in the same fish bowl, a global people inhabiting the same planet and now with the ability to communicate with one another. The only other time there was global communication was with the Tower of Babel. The inhabitants of the earth spoke one common language, and due to their ability to communicate, they began to build a structure so tall it intended to reach heaven. God changed everyone’s language and put a stop to this building project. Never underestimate the importance of communication. In our age, no confusion is about to take place, on the contrary, our global interaction will increase. We will cross borders as citizens of the earth with one document, have one world government and one common currency. The Euro dollar has only scratched the surface and taken the concept of global monetary unity on a trial run. We will take this unity further and unite the globe with a cashless society. Information is going to use digital data, from a chip in a card, to a chip implant in our bodies. Sound like a Hollywood film? But it’s reality. Some of this is already in place, we have bank cards that use a chip, and animals have a microchip with a chip the size of a grain of rice, a test run before they insert them into humans. A new age impends upon us and carries with it revolutionary change so incremental yet imminent, that we will look back at these times as the days of old.




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