Contentment Breeds Hapiness

2 04 2012

Have you noticed the look on people’s faces as they walk, drive, or stand when they are alone. These attitudes make you think they have an enormous amount of issues. Perhaps they are uptight people all the time. This lack of joy sweeps many large cities. The reason is simple: the love of money. I’m not referring to a piece of paper or a plastic card,  but what the object can buy. The desire to drive a fancy car instead of taking public transit, or wear designer clothes instead of regular good quality clothes, or live in the dream home, after all, the fairy tales we grew up on promised us vacancy.

Let’s examine the characters, in the Cinderella story. The prince is powerful and wealthy, he also has a foot fetish, (modern-day CEO, particularly one in the shoe industry).  The prince goes throughout his realm handling ladies feet, whereupon he discovers the shoe fits Cinderella’s foot. Thus, Cinderella moves to the palace and goes from rags to riches. She can now buy all the glass slippers her heart desires. Why does this story need a rich powerful ruler to rescue her?  Because someone who just loves her is not good enough to fit the bill. He must be rich in contrast to Cinderella’s poverty.

Likewise, the media capitalizes on the notion of wealth equals contentment. Many have bought into this consumer ideology. Stuff equals a better person, a better life. This is evident in films, music videos, it infiltrates the media in every aspect. Consumers have bought into this idea; the notion of lottery tickets is that someone will take the pot of gold home. Money is at the heart of everything. Yet the notion that money can solve problems is false. This mentality leads a person down a garden path only to disappoint, because the lust for things creates discontentment, and this leads to anxiety and ultimate frustration, even health problems. To solve this dilemma, one must have the attitude of thankfulness. Thankfulness creates contentment and brings about satisfaction. So shake off the angry ‘I need more stuff’ mentality, and enjoy the surroundings, be thankful for friendships, food on the table, clothes on your back, shelter over your head, the breath you breathe, another day of life is yours.




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