Superstar Melina Seaton Finally Pregnant!!!

2 04 2012

Melina Seaton is finally pregnant. After three long years of trying to have a baby with her husband Scott, they are finally going to begin a family. “I’m so happy,” Melina said, while sitting in her beautiful Beverly Hills home. When I asked her about the ultrasound, “I don’t want to know whether it’s a boy or a girl,” she replied, “I just want a healthy baby.”

I was ecstatic when Melina allowed me the interview and I rushed over with my laptop and recorder. Trying to appear organized, I got together a list of questions for the interview of this acclaimed actress, long overdue of accolades for her stunning performance in the film, “Three Days of Summer.” The first thing I noticed when I stepped into her apartment was that she was truly human. She ate, slept, and lived just as I did, she even used the same brand of coffee as I did.

This story can go on, but not one word of it is true. There’s no such a person as Melina Seaton, husband Scott, or a Beverly Hills home that belongs to this couple, or even the film, “Three Days of Summer,” (the whole story is fictitious and purely coincidental if any of the above mentioned does in fact exist). The idea of a random character came when I was at the supermarket standing at the check out counter. The tabloids had headlines of people I never knew about and wondered about the lives of these people. I only recognized a few characters.

People are so easily forgotten while new people arrive on the scene. We begin to read about them and they become real to us. Every so often a new character gets introduced into the mix. All are short-lived and have the same end. Forgotten. A person’s celebrity status is only remembered for 3 generations. If I were to ask my son about an actress famous in my mother’s era with the black and white films, my son wouldn’t know who I was talking about. Madonna seems to try to rob time, but my grandchildren won’t know anything about her either. So who cares if Melina even exists, in a few decades, Melina will be no more real than Madonna.




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3 04 2012
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