3 04 2012


Melina Seaton is finally pregnant. After three long years of trying to have a baby with her husband Scott, they are finally going to begin a family. “I’m so happy,” Melina said, while sitting in her beautiful Beverly Hills home. When I asked her about the ultrasound, “I don’t want to know whether it’s a boy or a girl,” she replied, “I just want a healthy baby.”

I was ecstatic when Melina allowed me the interview and I rushed over with my laptop and recorder. Trying to appear organized, I got together a list of questions for the interview of this acclaimed actress, long overdue of accolades for her stunning performance in the film, “Three Days of Summer.” The first thing I noticed when I stepped into her apartment was that she was truly human. She ate, slept, and lived just as I did, she even used the same brand of…

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