Ethics in Business

4 04 2012

Ethics in business have changed over the years. Gone are the days when a handshake would seal the deal. Today, even paperwork is unable to implement ethical boundaries. Truth in business has evaporated. The fine print dilutes truth with the use of ambiguous befuddled language. Purchases online have strings attached where the customer is automatically signed up for other products all because they put a check mark in a box unaware of its ramifications, again due to mumbo jumbo wording. Then unknown charges appear on the credit card, usually under a different name to add more confusion. Also, beware of anything offered for free, this is usually a ploy to get consumers to spend money on a product they won’t normally purchase. The word free means just that, “free.”

Shady business dealings are prevalent among telecommunication companies, gym memberships, travel agencies, products online, free offers…just to name a few. Deceptive  activity must become illegal and enforced as such. The government must set fines to companies that don’t provide full disclosure of product information to consumers. Here are some of the deceptive practises:

  • Ambiguous mumbo jumbo language
  • Undefined terms
  • Misleading promises
  • Misuse of the word “free”

Further, companies need to return hard-earned money they stole from people, yes stole, by their surreptitious dealings. The consumer has power to speak up and demand truth from companies. Unethical business dealings are like a disease to society’s moral fabric. Trust is broken, our standards lowered, lies  become acceptable, and truth gets compromised. Government must declare shady business practises illegal and as such, eliminate them.




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