27 04 2012

Do you have a favourite word? Every so often I have words swim in my head and just love to say the word out loud. A while back it was combobulate, I like the way bob and- u- and-late  sounded and with the com in the beginning, the word danced on my tongue oh and when you add the dis in the beginning, don’t even get me started, discombobulate, listen to all the dance.

My latest word is brup. I love the word brup. Now brup has no meaning, but it brups along very fine, and every so often when I want to say something, I say brup (you got to roll the r). Brup is an important word to me because it express everything and nothing–much like our society.  Since it has no apparent meaning, there’s endless things a brup can do: a brup can have a bruptometer that measures brups, or bruptoligists that count brup movements, or bruptiotic machines that analyse brup language.  Brup is more important word than we know. Brup is bruptilious, brupnificent  and brupterful. You can fill your drawer with brups, you can brup out loud, give out brup cards. Just when you thought it was only a word. Things to do with brup is endless. It’s a journey in itself. So there it is. Have a fun Friday filled with brup.

Brupty Cheers,

Sisi Theo




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