Facebook: 2012 Titanic

22 05 2012

Alright guys, here’s my latest update on Facebook. Today I sold the stocks I bought at $42.00 for $34.00 and took a loss. I’m glad I sold when I did because the shares continued to drop and closed at $31.00.  Now I’m reading that Facebook will end on July 15, 2012, this sounds like a rumour, but if it’s true, then it’s a good time to save pictures. Here is the link to the end of Facebook story. http://weeklyworldnews.com/headlines/27321/facebook-will-end-on-july-15th/ Not to mention the lawsuit Facebook faces. Could it get worse?

For now, Facebook is the 2012 Titanic: a sinking ship. So, for me, it was time to cash out and cut the losses before losing a substantial amount. I’m not completely  saying goodbye to Facebook, it was kind of neat owning stock, and I’m prepared to buy again when the prices are cheap, and I mean cheap, cheap.

Facebook started at too high of a price initially for a company new to the stock market. All that is relative though, high numbers can climb higher, even so, a lower price might not have brought the ship down. There’s tons of speculation, all the should have, could have, might have been’s…. What we are certain about is that the shares went down instead of the anticipated up.  Something went wrong. Even worse, the timing of the lawsuit couldn’t be worse. Understandably, if the company operates anything like Zukerberg’s surprise wedding, anything can happen! Surprise, you’re broke!


Facebook is Like Flat Pop

19 05 2012

Friday’s Facebook launch had so much adrenalin, yet didn’t deliver; it was like drinking flat pop. I was on the telephone with my brokerage at 9:30am putting in my stock order, and the lady made me laugh. She said it was far too early for such excitement, and rightly so, I needed 3 cups of coffee to get my body in line with the energy going around.

My stomach went in knots, to constant checking my computer back and forth from seeing whether the order got filled, to current market value prices, to noticing the NASDAQ going down–oh, oh–this was problematic. Then my order didn’t go through until 11:40. I almost cancelled my order. Just as I went to push the cancel button, the order got filled.

For those with IPO’s who paid $38 the previous day, it was a great time to sell when it reached $45. By the time the brokerage purchased my shares, it was down to $40, in a way, I was glad for the delay because the shares might cost me $45. Purchasing at $38 would be even better, but who knew what was going to happen next? Sure was a crazy morning.

Looking at the computer screen, the numbers began to climb, there was such a great expectation that the numbers would continue the upward motion. Nothing of the sort happened. It was like drinking flat pop. By the time it was 1:30pm, you could tell there was no significant change about to take place.

I managed to read some articles in the meantime. An article was posted about Facebook being sued. Already? I thought. It’s just making a debut on the stock market, sheesh, give them a chance. Further thoughts to flatten the pop.

I’m a real optimist in situations that seem hopeless. So I’ve tried very hard to see something positive in Friday’s trading. And guess what? I found an angle. I’m happy the way things turned out because stock prices dropped down to $38, it was like the general public participated in the IPO prices. Rich and poor alike had the same opportunity to buy the stock at the same price. Except that those who purchased at the IPO prices a day earlier could sell their $38 stock when it reached $45, unlike us schmuks who started with a higher number, went down, and never went back up again.  In any case, when Facebook prices jump to $400-$500 a share in a year or so, it won’t matter whether the stock was purchased at $38 or at $45.

Here’s to flat pop.  Facebook, you rock.

Facebook: The Long Haul

19 05 2012

Facebook shares closed at $38.23, barely above the $38 IPO cost; a real disappointment. When I decided to invest in Facebook, there was so much hype. Honestly, it was as if money was going to fall from the sky and all the investors were going to make tons of money. My plan was to go in and buy, then sell. Really, do I want a Facebook stock? A social media stock is just as volatile as your in-laws! However, I’m not going to sell out my stocks now. No sireee. Facebook and I are now in it for the long haul. We are now family, camping buddies, with all the blemishes, warts, and stinky socks, we are going to grow together like one big happy, dysfunctional at times, family.

Losing GM advertising isn’t the end of the world for Facebook, there are other companies out there. Just because the platform doesn’t work for GM doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for another company. Let’s not get a wedgie over this. Facebook will find advertisers.

Further, for those who sold shares, you’re going to regret selling out soon when the prices increase, and you’re forced to pay higher prices if you want back in. In a few years, Facebook is going to be a phenomenal stock to have in your portfolio. So, whatever horrible thing that happens, I’m not going to jump ship, even if the ship sinks. I’m going to survive, and even get ahead over time.

Facebook, you truly sucked on the first day, but I believe in you, or I wouldn’t have bought the stock to begin with. Now go charm the world.

Facebook Stocks Shame on you!

18 05 2012

FB-Facebook Inc (NASDAQ)

Open: 42:05 High: 45:00  Low: 38.00

Is it just me or are there others out there who can’t make money no matter what they do. I got a tip to buy Facebook stocks. Facebook stocks being the big money-maker (makes me wonder who made the money.) It sure wasn’t me! I tried a hand at stocks, I was brave enough to dish out my life saving of $400, I begged, borrowed, and went under cover as a squeegee mom to save this amount. Then I bought Facebook stocks. My very first at buying anything unusual, except for a pack of gingerbread zombie cookies. Then I watched the computer screen, my stomach in knots, hardly awake enough for such an ordeal. And there it was in black and white, I lost money the first 2 hours. The investment increased, yet I lost???? How is that?

Here’s the breakdown: I made a hefty payment of $29 to the brokerage, which got subtracted from my $400 and left me with $371 (a loss of $29). Since the stock got purchased at $40 a share, even though it climbed higher than $40, I still couldn’t recover enough to reach the initial $400 I invested. Then the prices dropped to $38 a share, same amount the IPO people paid. This made me think, how did they make money? Seems complicated. Did they somehow make the money when it reached $45, and sell to shmucks like me? Or did they make their money prior to that and pay less than $38? Or maybe they were as duped as me. I highly doubt it. The wealthy have tons of tricks, I wish I knew them. Bono, call me! Well, this is only day 1 and things may change, if not, I’m going back to being an undercover squeegee mom.

In seriousness, Facebook you have sent a terrible message! You sold a site that average people post and share their lives, to the rich, so the rich can get richer. The rich getting richer at the hand of the poor. Shame on you! There’s something gut wrenchingly corrupt with doing something as low as that. I’m glad I”m not the person who sold Facebook out in this manner, nor the person who made millions at the mercy of ordinary people.

Toxic People

17 05 2012

Toxic people poison your life, your relationships, your health, and your well-being. They do this because they are mean spirited, have low self-esteem issues, they are jealous of you, and envious of your life. They don’t celebrate your success and are happy at your downfall. This pattern is usually seen among in-laws but can exist in any interpersonal friendship. Once this pattern begins, there’s nothing you can do to change the dynamics of the relationship. Like a locomotion riding out of control, the lies they told about you, to themselves and to others, even when you tried to help them, the hate perpetually continues.

They are abusive people, bullies, and will strike at every turn. Like a chameleon they bend and alter truth at every turn to make it seem like you’re the bad person. They try to hold power over you and get you to believe you need to bow to their whims. They are rude, verbally abusive; they deliberately exclude you, and they challenge you if you feel hurt by their action–this is another form of abuse–as if you’re supposed to feel okay by their mean behaviour.

If over the years you wanted the situation to change, prayed and waited. I’m here to say, get out. Things will never change. These are toxic people. Even if you helped them from drowning, the next day they are back to their antics. Their hatred is too deep. Save yourself years of heartbreak and drama, get away from such people and surround yourself with healthy people, kind people, people who will love you in sincerity, who will appreciate you in good times and in bad, and won’t smile in your face while they secretly wait to stab you in the back.

Cell Phone Payment with Paypal

15 05 2012

A cashless society is inevitable. Now making purchases through your cell phone using paypal is possible. This is heading towards a revolutionary cashless society. Using a cell phone however has its problems that need tweeking before the majority of people decide to go this route. Other than the obvious problem of a lost or stolen cell phone, there are other safety and monetary issues to consider.

1. Going online with your cell requires third-party internet companies who will have access to your banking information.

2. Using paypal requires a percentage type fee when making purchases. This can get hefty with larger purchases. There should never be a fee associated to a purchase whether large or small.

I’m not suggesting we should eliminate the idea of electronic payment. I’m saying that if we’re going to do something, it needs to work, it needs to be better. Paypal in my opinion is an unnecessary spoke in the wheel.


 Blood Lust

15 05 2012

Gaming. When did it become a part of family pastime? Created for kids, it began as an innocent activity with controllers large enough for children’s hands. Played on weekend afternoons, just an hour here or there, a place to keep kids occupied, gaming became a friendly member of the family. Somehow slowly, a very subtle transition occurred, the controllers got larger to suit adult hands, violent games emerged with sanguineous, blood splattering, murderous, games. No longer relegated to the few hours on the weekend, the addiction to violence emerged with the killing, gunning down, spilling blood, breaking bones, cracking skulls, to get the score up and get on the leader board. Child and adult alike connected on this sick thing called gaming.

Since gaming increased into a lucrative billion dollar business, the trend of gaming isn’t about to resign anytime soon. But like all other pastimes, it will come to an end, beginning with parents. Parents, put your foot down say ‘no’ to your kids gaming, and for adults who game, grow up. There is a real world out there.