Corporate Arrogance

3 05 2012

She introduced herself as Ms. so and so. At the end of each word was a drop in tone as if fear gripped her and wanted me to come to her level. My tone remained even. Word after word she whined a soliloquy for me to beg her for mercy. I did not. Instead, I let her know my plans if this went further. Their threat was not a threat, I was fine, perhaps time to move on (not what they expected to hear from me). A blessing in disguise, this posed as an opportunity to look into other options.

“Oh what would you do without us?” she whined.  In other words, we are a corporate giant and you need us. There is no other company that can service you. Ah, but there is, I thought.

“Simple. I’d change to another company,” I responded. They weren’t the only kid on the block, though they tried to make me believe they were. They were right to think there weren’t too many options, but still, there were options. It takes 1 person to let them know customers won’t dance to the beat of their drum. Their power doesn’t give them the right to abuse the powerless.

That is the problem with monopolies. They bully customers because they know they can. Whether in a whiny tone to break you down, or with aggressive threats; monopolies take advantage of customers. They are arrogant because they know you cannot go anywhere else. But I’m here to say, you can! There are options. It’s a hassle sometimes to make changes, but let it be known to corporations: the consumer has options. In the end, corporate arrogance gives customers an opportunity to walk away. Corporate arrogance is a company killer.




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