Angry Whiny Rappers

9 05 2012

In the 80s and 90s rap was an art form, a place to make music and communicate the sentiment of the culture. Nobody expected it to get so big, go worldwide, and to last so long. The pioneers of rap had a message, a way to relay ideas, sometimes it was just to amuse the listener. These rappers were cool, as in, swag. But rappers today are a joke. If any of these contemporary rappers tried to make it big 20 years ago, they would get laughed out of the studio. If they by accident got signed (which I highly doubt), or got in the door through nepotism (a more possible scenario), engineers would first shake their head, then hook up every conceivable contraption to change the timbre of their voice, then cut out the profanity and the N-word, and make it G rated, suitable for the airwaves-aka-the radio version.

Without being stereotypical because I know this doesn’t apply to every rapper, but I would say most rappers today project anger. They fill their songs with hate,  profanity, the N-word, I really don’t understand the use of the N-word. Isn’t this offensive? Or it’s okay to say this only in rap? I’m missing the rules here.

Further, rappers today sound like someone stepped on their Twinkie. They rap in whiny, nasally tones, and you want to tell them, “It’s okay buddy, I’ll get you another Twinkie, now go blow your nose.” All you hear the entire time is a depressed, “Wha, wha, wha, wha, wha.” Quick get the pacifier. And if they’re not busy whining, they’re busy putting a huge chain around their neck, maybe that’s the reason for their whining! Don’t make the chain so heavy dude. And the topics they rap about, oh my goodness, how do they think this stuff up.

The way they carry themselves, you would think their parents raised them in the dog house. Why else are they so angry or whiny? In fairness, there are some rappers who come up with happy, healthy,witty things to say, but for the most part, they all rap about: baby mamma’s, money, ass, drugs, sex, their gun, their gang, their car, their bitch (ladies, why do you let them degrade you like that?). They ride around in cars, they come in packs with their hoodlum buddies, they wear clothes that are 2 sizes too large, hats, bandanas, and drop their pants like their diaper needs changing. Are you guys serious? No wonder you guys snivel. Somebody, please change their diaper and shut them up!

Here is the perfect place to end this blog. However, I don’t like the note it ends on because my intention is to help develop the arts, not destroy the rap industry. Rap was once something beautiful, and it can return to that state. I know the issue is complex, if today’s rap reflects the present culture, then we have a violent, depressed, full of profanity, disrespectful,  void of responsibility bunch of people. I refuse to believe there’s no hope. So, before I challenge musicians to do something about the direction of rap. Perhaps it begins with the lives of rappers. Change your life, change your image, then change your songs. You can make a difference. I know you can.




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