Claim Your Prize

11 05 2012

I received a message on my cell saying: Congratulations, you are the winner of the day, go to (such and such website) to claim your prize. Whenever you see a message resembling this type of offer, the first thing you do is FLEE. Don’t even ask them how they got your contact information. That’s right, get out of there as fast as you can. It’s unfortunate the way business dealings are deceptive with outright lies, half-truths, and the evil of omission. Even worse, we turn a blind eye to this sort of dealing, we begin with, “What! You said it was a prize! Seems odd to pay for a prize.” to “Oh, so this is the meaning of win,” and readily accept this half-baked offer as something normal; and it shouldn’t be this way! We need to challenge companies on these sort of claims, COMPLAIN, demand the product for free, let them know they said, “win.” To win means you acquire something, not pay for it. Imagine the Olympic medal winners being told, “We know you’re the winner, but we can only give you the medal if you pay for it.” How strange is that! When you win something it is given for free and free requires  no cost. The Merriam Webster defines free as: not costing anything. Therefore, something that doesn’t cost anything doesn’t equal to something with a fee, even the slightest fee. Free is zero cost, zero = 0, incase someone missed math class. So the next time you have a company tell you won a prize, call them on it. Winning means free, and free means no cost. If there’s a number attached more than the digit zero, show your displeasure to this sort of advertising. Boycott the product. Then flee to the mountains because that is the closest you are going to winning a prize.




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