A Note to Mothers

14 05 2012

Whether you read this on Mother’s Day or any other day, I’m here to say thank-you to all mothers. You wear many hats, one of a cook, a cleaning person, a taxi driver, a referee between siblings, an organizer of events, a decision maker, problem solver, and a good listener. You join parent groups, have birthday parties, pizza parties, sleepovers, experience tons of giggles, and go through endless drama. You are a selfless nurturer, you put hours of care into your children’s lives. I commend you, pat yourself on the back.  So at the end of the day, if nobody gives you a word of appreciation, I’m here to say: be blessed, you are an amazing mother, an incredible woman, it couldn’t get done without you. You love your children, feed and clothe them, ensure their safety, and nurture them inside and out. Guaranteed, you make a difference.






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