From Teenagers to Now

I remember the day I met my husband. He came to my high school to visit his friend, who was my classmate. He caught my attention immediately; I had to know this person. We ended up in conversation and went for a coffee in the cafeteria; I had to go to class and pressed him to come with me. He was a very attractive masculine man; his hair was to die for, long dirty blonde ringlets, and a perfect face. He almost had an angelic aura, a glow, perhaps God telling me this is the one.

Next what I noticed about him was his air of confidence, almost narcissistic. He had the stuff, he knew it, and liked himself for it. Though this might be mistaken for arrogance, and there is a fine line, but kindness is what separates the two. He is better described as self-assured.

You know the saying behind every great man there is a great woman, likewise behind every great woman there is a great man. I had found my man. Upon various turn of events, hills and valleys, we are still together three decades later measuring the size of our thumbs. He really does have big hands. I love my husband and continue to see amazing things about him.

His jokes are still funny; he can still make me laugh. His dry sense of humour is the third element that attracted me to him. He’s a real punster, constantly playing with words. Since this type of humour is dry, the constant playfulness is annoying if you’re not into words, but for someone like me who enjoys words, my ears perk up.

If I had to sum up my attraction to my husband, it would initially start with physical attraction, then the inner person, who is self-assured, kind and funny to this very day.


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