Cell Phone Payment with Paypal

15 05 2012

A cashless society is inevitable. Now making purchases through your cell phone using paypal is possible. This is heading towards a revolutionary cashless society. Using a cell phone however has its problems that need tweeking before the majority of people decide to go this route. Other than the obvious problem of a lost or stolen cell phone, there are other safety and monetary issues to consider.

1. Going online with your cell requires third-party internet companies who will have access to your banking information.

2. Using paypal requires a percentage type fee when making purchases. This can get hefty with larger purchases. There should never be a fee associated to a purchase whether large or small.

I’m not suggesting we should eliminate the idea of electronic payment. I’m saying that if we’re going to do something, it needs to work, it needs to be better. Paypal in my opinion is an unnecessary spoke in the wheel.