Blood Lust

15 05 2012

Gaming. When did it become a part of family pastime? Created for kids, it began as an innocent activity with controllers large enough for children’s hands. Played on weekend afternoons, just an hour here or there, a place to keep kids occupied, gaming became a friendly member of the family. Somehow slowly, a very subtle transition occurred, the controllers got larger to suit adult hands, violent games emerged with sanguineous, blood splattering, murderous, games. No longer relegated to the few hours on the weekend, the addiction to violence emerged with the killing, gunning down, spilling blood, breaking bones, cracking skulls, to get the score up and get on the leader board. Child and adult alike connected on this sick thing called gaming.

Since gaming increased into a lucrative billion dollar business, the trend of gaming isn’t about to resign anytime soon. But like all other pastimes, it will come to an end, beginning with parents. Parents, put your foot down say ‘no’ to your kids gaming, and for adults who game, grow up. There is a real world out there.