Toxic People

17 05 2012

Toxic people poison your life, your relationships, your health, and your well-being. They do this because they are mean spirited, have low self-esteem issues, they are jealous of you, and envious of your life. They don’t celebrate your success and are happy at your downfall. This pattern is usually seen among in-laws but can exist in any interpersonal friendship. Once this pattern begins, there’s nothing you can do to change the dynamics of the relationship. Like a locomotion riding out of control, the lies they told about you, to themselves and to others, even when you tried to help them, the hate perpetually continues.

They are abusive people, bullies, and will strike at every turn. Like a chameleon they bend and alter truth at every turn to make it seem like you’re the bad person. They try to hold power over you and get you to believe you need to bow to their whims. They are rude, verbally abusive; they deliberately exclude you, and they challenge you if you feel hurt by their action–this is another form of abuse–as if you’re supposed to feel okay by their mean behaviour.

If over the years you wanted the situation to change, prayed and waited. I’m here to say, get out. Things will never change. These are toxic people. Even if you helped them from drowning, the next day they are back to their antics. Their hatred is too deep. Save yourself years of heartbreak and drama, get away from such people and surround yourself with healthy people, kind people, people who will love you in sincerity, who will appreciate you in good times and in bad, and won’t smile in your face while they secretly wait to stab you in the back.